American Revolution Podcast

Episode 038: The Green Mountain Boys

April 1, 2018

After New Hampshire issues thousands of land grants in a disputed region, New York gets the King to declare the land part of the New York colony.  New York then declares all the property owners living on land grants from New Hampshire to be illegal squatters who need to buy their land again or leave.  After legal and political efforts lead nowhere, the land owners with New Hampshire grants form a militia that becomes the Green Mountain Boys.  Ethan Allen becomes the best known leader of the group, using violence and intimidation to force out New York claimants.

Several New York Governors attempt to resolve the problem, but let their own greed in land speculation prevent any fair resolution.  New York attempts to crush the resistance, but events leading to the outbreak of war between England and the colonies prevents any final showdown.  The fight moves into the war itself.

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