American Revolution Podcast

Episode 140 Battle of Short Hills

March 15, 2020

The British attempt to lure the Continental Army out of the Watchung mountains by marching back into New Jersey.  General Washington refuses to engage.  After the British withdraw, the Americans move down out of the mountains.  General Howe moves his army back to cut off Washington's path back into the mountains.  A fierce defense led by General Lord Stirling slows the British advance long enough for the Americans to move back into the mountains.  Unwilling to engage them there, the British return to New York.

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Book Recommendation of the Week: Every Insult and Indignity: The Life Genius and Legacy of Major Patrick Ferguson, by Ricky Roberts and Bryan Brown  

Online Recommendation of the Week: Major-General the Earl of Stirling; an Essay in Biography, by Ludwig Schumacher:

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