American Revolution Podcast

Episode 082 The Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge

February 3, 2019

General Henry Clinton leaves Boston to secure the southern colonies.  His plan is to meet up with a fleet of regulars coming from Britain under the commend of General Cornwallis.  These regulars will serve as a rally point for loyalists to enlist and reclaim the colonies for the King.

The British send two recruiting officers to western North Carolina, where they raise several thousand recruits.  The Patriots learn of the organization of loyalist regiments.  They send Continentals under Col. James Moore, along with patriot militia to prevent the loyalists from reaching the coast and joining with the regulars.  

The parties meet at Moore's Creek Bridge.  The loyalists attack, but fail and flee.  The patriots capture most of the militia and disperse any loyalists.  When Clinton and Cornwallis arrive in North Carolina, they find nothing but hostile patriot regiments to oppose them.  They give up on North Carolina move on to South Carolina.

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