American Revolution Podcast

Episode 062: The Three Headed Cerberus in Boston

September 16, 2018

Even before word of Lexington and Concord reached London, the Ministry decided they would need to up their game in the colonies.  They did not send Gen. Gage all of the reinforcements he wanted, but they did send some soldiers and marines for the start of the 1775 fighting season.  Along with them, the Ministry sent three new Major Generals to support Gage, traveling together aboard the HMS Cerberus.  All three men, William Howe, Henry Clinton, and John Burgoyne would go on to play larger roles in the War.

General Haldimand received orders at the same time and pack his bags to go home. Because he was senior to all three Major Generals, London did not want this foreign born general to assume command should something happen to General Gage.  The Cerberus also carried news that Admiral Graves received a promotion and would have expanded duties in the colonies.

With the arrival of these new soldiers, London expected more aggressive enforcement of its policies.

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