American Revolution Podcast

Episode 061: The Battle of Chelsea Creek

September 9, 2018

In the first weeks of the Siege of Boston in 1775, the Provincial Army appears to be more of a disorganized mob than an army.  Men do not obey officers.  Units from one colony would not obey orders from another.  No real chain of command exists.  Further, the lack of uniforms, supplies, ammunition, and other logistical problems created their own problems.  Soldiers on both sides begin to die from disease.

The only real fighting at this time is over islands in Boston Harbor that contain food and hay.  The Provincials attempt to remove or destroy items of value on Hog and Noddle Islands.  When the British navy tries to stop them, a small battle leads to several casualties.  The British navy ship Diana gets stuck in the mud during the fight.  Overnight, the Provincials force the crew to abandon ship.  The colonials loot and burn the ship in their first small victory over the navy.

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