American Revolution Podcast

Episode 053: Paul Revere Rides

July 15, 2018

As Gen. Gage prepares to deploy a brigade of regulars to Concord, the Patriots activate their warning system.  Joseph Warren deploys William Dawes and Paul Revere to alert countryside.  The riders alert the militia and reach Lexington, while avoiding British patrols.  They warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock at Lexington before continuing their ride.

On the road to Concord, a British patrol captures Revere.  Dawes gets thrown from his horse during his escape.  But a third rider, Samuel Prescott, completes the mission to warn Concord.  The British detain Revere for a while.  They release him near Lexington after hearing gunfire.  Revere returns to Lexington on foot where he helps a dawdling Hancock and Adams get out of town.  Once they are gone, Revere returns again to Lexington where he attempts to secure some of Hancock's secret papers.  While doing so, the British arrive at Lexington Green.  Revere at a distance, hears the first shots of the American Revolution.

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