American Revolution Podcast

Episode 052: Salem Alarm & Hearts and Minds

July 8, 2018

In February 1775, Gage attempts to grab a cache of Patriot cannon in Salem. Col. Alexander Leslie leads a regiment of regulars on what is supposed to be a surprise sail up the coast and a fast dash to Salem to grab the guns.  Alert patriots run ahead of the soldiers and remove the weapons before the regulars arrive.  After a brief standoff, the regulars return to Boston empty handed.

A few weeks later, Boston commemorates the 5th anniversary of the Boston Massacre.  Interaction with soldiers leads to panic and fear of arrest.  As spring approaches, everyone awaits the beginning of the fighting season.  On the eve of war, a majority of the colonies have begun governing themselves under illegal Provincial Congresses.  The separation from Britain widens as London prepares to intervene.

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