American Revolution Podcast

Episode 025: Tensions Simmer

December 31, 2017

Following the repeal of the Stamp Act in 1766, colonial protests stopped and trade resumed.  Parliament is not happy about the pushback and seems determined to find a way to put the colonies in their place.  The colonies are unhappy about the Declaratory Act and Parliament's assertion of complete tax authority over the colonies, despite a lack of colonial representation in Parilament.  The colonists and the English people begin to view their interests as in competition with one another.

During this time, many small issues push colonial interests further from those in England.  The death of John Robinson in Virginia reveals a major financial scandal that creates a colonial cash shortage.  Parliament passes the Free Port Act, attempting to give trade advantages to London over the colonies.  A New York assault case Forsey v. Cunningham threatens the right of jury trials.  Bostonians get into a big fight over search warrants.  New Yorkers refuse to pay Quartering Act costs for British regulars in the colony.

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