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ARP171 Conway Cabal

October 18, 2020

Following the victory at Saratoga, political leaders consider the idea of replacing General George Washington with General Horatio Gates as Commander in Chief.  Several ambitious officers within the Continental Army support the move.

Congress appoints Gates to head the Board of War, where he can make strategy and give orders to Washington.  Very quickly other top officers in the army make clear that these changes are unacceptable.  Gates also fails to impress by  organizing a new invasion of Quebec, which must be aborted before it even began.

After several months, Congress ends up backing Washington as commander and drops any idea of replacing him.


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Book Recommendation of the Week: Cabal!: The Plot Against General Washington, by Mark E. Lender.

Online Recommendation of the Week: Lender discusses the Cabal with Brady Crytzer on the Dispatches Podcast:


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