American Revolution Podcast

ARP162 Raid on Fort Ticonderoga

August 16, 2020

As General Burgoyne's British army faces off against General Gates' Continentals near Saratoga, Colonel John Brown leads an attack on the British rear at Fort Ticonderoga.  The Continentals fail to capture the fort, but take 300 prisoners and thrown the British supply lines into disarray.

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Book Recommendation of the Week: Don Troiani's Campaign to Saratoga - 1777: The Turning Point of the Revolutionary War in Paintings, Artifacts, and Historical Narrative, 2019
by Eric H. Schnitzer & Don Troiani.

Online Recommendation of the Week: Howe, Archibald Murray, Colonel John Brown of Pittsfield Massachusetts, Boston: W. B. Clarke company, 1908.


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