American Revolution Podcast

ARP159 Battle of the Clouds

July 26, 2020

Following the American loss at Brandywine, Congress reevaluates its officers.  At the same time, Gen. Washington prepares to rally for the next confrontation. 


The Continentals and British advance on each other near White Horse Tavern.  As they prepare for a major battle, a terrible rain storm floods the field and damages most of the gunpowder.  General Washington uses the opportunity to pull back across the Schuylkill river for a final defense of Philadelphia.


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Book Recommendation of the Week: The Philadelphia Campaign 1777-1778, by Stephen R. Taaffe.


Online Recommendation of the Week: Ecelbarger, Gary “Aggressive Minded Gamblers: Washington, Howe, and the Days between Battles, September 12-16, 1777, Journal of the American Revolution, March 10, 2020:


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